Foster Dogs: The Strays
The following are some of the foster dogs we've had over the years.  None of these guys are up for adoption, but the ones who currently available can be found on the main page.


Man, she was such a goofy dog.  Dani found her wandering the neighbor while she was out walking Gus.  We put up signs for "found dog," but no one ever claimed her before she ate her way through several extension cords.

Eventually our insurance agent was over and fell in love with her.  His impassioned call hom to his wife, "Honey, can we keep her?" led Lucy to her new home where she undoubtedly found new things to bonk her head against and new breakables to sweep off of tabletops with her frenetic tail.

The perpetual motion machine finally came to rest.  For a few weeks we had our dog Gus plus Lucy plus our friend Rich's dog Bogart.  It was non-stop rough-housing.  I'm lucky all the guitars survived without getting knocked over.


So-named by Dani because of her long gazelle-like neck, I found Zelda on the side of the road, stupidly wandering in and out of traffic that was screeching to a halt.

Eventually we hooked her up with a humane society who found a home for her.  We ran across her at a much-needed obedience class at PetSmart a few months later.

I still have no idea what breeds she's made out of.  Strangest dog I've ever seen.


My friend Elizabeth found her and tried to track down her owner, but Mila was another of those strays who no one ever (re?)claims... probably because she was kicked out for being too much of herself.  I took her in for a while, then eventually gave up and handed her back to Elizabeth who ended up just keeping her.


Why is it I keep finding strays?  In this case, I was minding my own business while getting into my car just before xmas.  The last thing we needed right before we went out of town was a little dog, but I picked her up anyway because, once again, she was about to become roadkill.  She was a sweet, albeit timid little thing.  Dani brought her up to work where one of her co-workers fell in love with her and took her in.  Eventually her neighbor fell in love with her, and she ended up going to him, which is where the name "Tulip" came from (We had always called her "Little Dog" since, well, that's what she was).


Harvey was a stray that a friend found near her aunt's place out in the country.  He was probably dropped off on the back roads, something people do pretty often out there, from what I understand.  I posted flyers around my office, and one of the secretaries immediately took them all down and called her husband to ask him to please adopt him.  As far as I know, he still lives with them and is named Jimmy.

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