Pug-o-ween 2007
Every October the DFW Pug Rescue puts on their annual Pug-O-Ween show to help raise money for vet bills and such.   This is probably their biggest fund raiser, and it's worth coming out to see the show.  Here are a few of the many pictures I took of the great costumed pugs.

A lady doesn't beg.  She bugs you instead.

Too bad no one thought to bring pug repellent.

Hey, don't laugh.  That's the best match for a pug's figure.

See what happens when you wash your pugs in cold water?

Sweatin' to the puglies.

The only time you'd ever describe a pug as boney.

Though she's house-trained now, for a while there, it was a story of the princess and the pee.

Ha!  Horn dog.


Little did anyone know that Pooh bears could unhinge their jaws and swallow prey whole... which can even include dogs!

I was lucky to get this shot before a gust of wind carried her away!

He was too young to know camo doesn't go with a top hat.

Pugs are not known for their knight vision.

Hot dog!

The Pugkin Patch.

This is appropriate since pugs eat sweaters the same as moths do.

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