Pug-o-ween 2007, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Dani and... what the hell is that thing?  Oh, it's our Boston terrier foster Gertie!  (No foster pugs that day.)

This clown isn't even smiling on the outside.

'Sup, dude.

Ok, wax on, wax off.  Got it.

She's a bitch with a 'w.'

On the lookout for some booty to plunder.  Or sniff.

There's an idea for a romance novel if you can work a time machine into it.

He came wearing the emperor's new clothes.

Pug boat comin' through.  Toot toot!

Nick Cage's best role was definitely Sailor in Wild At Heart.

Admittedly, the pugs were a bit bored with the interruption of their 20 hour a day nap.

Anarchy in the UK, mate!

Not being the brightest of breeds, you can imagine how short a bus this was.

Obviously she had a better attitude than the average cheerleader.

Sweet pug o'mine.

...and we welcome you to pugkin land!

This is supposed to be the bride of Frankenstein, but it screams '70s Travolta to me... which is kind of how scientology works, isn't it?

They're off to see the wizard!

Pugs are not so crabby as these costumes might make them seem.

This one went as a pug with a huge slice of bacon in his mouth.

Ignore everything else in this gallery.  It only takes this one shot to sum up everything about pugs and the people who love them.

Copyright 2007 Alexplorer.
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