Foster Dogs: Misc. Fosters
The following are some of the foster dogs we've had over the years.  None of these guys are up for adoption, but the ones who currently available can be found on the main page.


He was a bright guy who knew the difference between playing hard and when to calm down.  You could get him so riled up he sounded like he was rabid, then you could scoop him up and he'd kiss you on the nose.


She was our first foster from the Botson Terrier Rescue, and we thought we'd have her forever.  She was the most wonderful dog though, and a great friend.  Tandy had to have her left eye removed by the vet after it wouldn't stop swelling (i.e., "cherry eye") and nothing more could be done.  She got around great without it, but most people couldn't look past that.  Fortunately, she not has a great home with her adoptive mom up in Utah.


Molly may have been the stupidest foster dog I have ever had.  In spite of the fact that I had a doggie door 30 feet away, she just about wore out my carpet cleaner before she was ever house-trained.  She would sneak downstairs to the study in the front of the house in the middle of the night every night, and use that as her bathroom.  Then I bought a motion detector with a chime to let me know when she was going into that room.  The first time it went off, it scared her straight, and we never had a problem again.


Toby may have been the stupidest-looking dog I've ever fostered.  I know he was half-pug and... something?  He was a fun guy.  Someone must have liked him though because he was adopted after only a couple of weeks.


I think Teddy (left; Buster is on the right; he's in the pug gallery) was the reincarnation of an old man.  He didn't want much to do with anyone.  He always slept at the foot of the bed like he was very proper.  I think he did the crossword puzzle on Sundays and walked with a cane as well, but maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. 


Lucky was so-named because the humane society found him with a huge gash across his throat so deep they had to seal it with staples rather than stitches.  No one knows whether this injury was the result of an accident or was intentional.  I'm sure whomever he belonged to was exasperated with him though.  He was so high energy that I can't even imagine how the vet could have taken staples out without sedating him.  I called him ADDog.

Amber & Jamie

Whenever I think of these two, I always picture on of those Playboy pictorials where they have a couple of blonde sisters frolicking in the park or washing their car naked.  And can you think of a couple of sluttier-sounding names for two girls?  I used to leave out the fact that they were two dogs when I would tell people how I would wake up in the morning to a couple of girls pawing all over me and putting their tongues in my ear.


Timmy was scared to go up stairs.  He was also scared to go down stairs.  The house I lived in at the time had a landing halfway up the stairs.  I put Timmy on it.  It took him half an hour to finally figure out he wouldn't die by changing altitude, and he went down the stairs.

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