Fierce Similes Home from Hot Climates

More similes from our friend Tom Robbins, this time from Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates (2000).  As always, only the ones used in narration are included, although (again, as always) the characters deliver some colorful comparisons themselves.

And for this (final?) installment in this series, my friend Tracy (who initially recommended Tom Robbins and later wonder about my point here) remains mute like the cute hitchhiker who got more duct tape and a better look at the inside of my trunk than she could ever have asked for.

On a personal note, I thought this was the best-written of his books (that I've read so far).  There are a lot of metaphors that work better than the similes are funny.

Page copyright 2006 Alexplorer.  Similes copyright 2000 Tom Robbins.
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