Found Magazine: The book!

You may have seen him on Letterman or read about him in the papers, but Davy Rothbart has a great magazine and book out called Found.  He collects found materials from all over the place (you can submit your own) including notes, photos, etc.  They represent a collage that forms a larger picture of who we are. 

Originally, Found was published as a magazine, but Davy recently put out the Found Book with loads of new material.  Dani and I have been reading a little bit of it every night, and in turns it is hilarious and poignant.  It is definitely something you will want to check out.

In addition to being a major creative force at Found, Davy has also contributed several stories to NPR's This American Life.

Me with Davy at the Denton, TX stop on Found Magazine's 50 state tour (11/18/04).


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